Festive Nails featuring JULEP

I have never been a nail expert, but these nail polishes from JULEP surely are magic, that you will be amazed just how easy they go on you nails. JULEP definitely has incredible range of colors and finishes to die for.

This is what I did to my nails to kick off 2015. I like the combination of textures from the grey nail polish, the glittery champagne nail polish, and the chunky glittery top coat, that I decided to combine them all.
Enjoy my top picks for JULEP Nail Polishes and celebrate 2015 with festive nails!

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Have Some Beacon!


As it seems inappropriate to carry a bag full of glasses, that's exactly what I've been doing when I travel. Three four aviators, two wayfarers, one can't-live-without prescription glasses, you count it.

I'm gonna start with the awesomest thing.

When I knew that Warby Parker was launching their latest collection, Beacon, I believe this collection will be huge. The greatest comes from the unexpected, just like this collection is designed to get you through your day whatever the time, wherever you are. Even better, you can get your prescription for every design if you're like me, even sunglasses - I'd prefer that. It's been such a pain in the ass to not able to 'see' in my sunnies, without my prescription glasses. So, yay to us, four-eyes.

Another great thing about their latest range is that their glasses are so so fashionable. I believe that it's not easy to find affordable line of fashionable glasses; they're not always in the highest quality.

They also have the 'Home Try-On' which let you pick out 5 pairs of glasses and have them shipped the glasses to you to try for free! I am impressed.


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Going Casual and Edgy with Sammydress

Sammydress shirt / Zara jeans / Topshop boots / Michael Kors watch / Asos rings / Forever 21 ear cuff

Sometimes the perfect combination comes from a significant contrast. In fashion, yin and yang are everyone's good friends. Contrasting pieces have always been complementary to each other; they make the perfect balance in their obvious differences.

I got this amazing opportunity to work with Sammydress, a global online fashion retailer with a wide range of clothing and other great stuff. I picked out this shirt with contrasting collars and shoulders from Sammydress and simply threw on a pair of jeans as I was going for a casual look. I couldn't resist this shirt. This neutral shirt is so versatile that I could wear it with almost anything I could think of. You just can never go wrong with a basic neutral shirt, yes?
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Men's Summer Shopping Guide, Featuring Paul Fredrick Summer 2014 Collection

all layouts by Kristel Louisa

Enjoy my personal picks for this season's menswear! Featuring Paul Fredrick Summer Dress Shirts in bold summer colors that will rock your summer.

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