Jewel of The Middle East (Jerusalem, Israel)

Pull & Bear coat / vintage turtleneck sweater / Zara pants / H&M boots / Mango aviators
Nativity Church
King David's Tomb
Inside of the King David's Castle today
Entrance to The Arab Souk (market)
Old City of Jerusalem
"Israel didn't fail to give me a jaw-drop."
Moving from Egypt to Israel was like finding a utopia. It was such a different sense of amazement. I've always admired The Middle East and I happened to have the chance to travel to some of the beautiful countries, but Israel didn't fail to give me a jaw-drop. I was wonderstruck. And still am.

"The atmosphere was serene and reeks of history. The perfect balance, modern yet historic."

As we drove to The Holy City, Jerusalem, I couldn't stop pressing my face against the glass just to make sure I wasn't at any fashion shows. I was simply stunned by the fact that the streetwalkers were so astonishingly stylish in their unique sense of style, passing by our bus. It was like a fashion parade – and it wasn't even New York. The girls were all in the longest, chic yet classy coat and leather boots. Their hair was not even crappy at all (keep in mind that it was late, wet, and freezing), even gorgeous. After the staring and gazing, I realized how their style is modestly classy, elegant, yet effortless. It's amusing to see these people transform in term of fashion in this beautiful old city which – still until today, is known for its history. The atmosphere was serene and reeks of history. The perfect balance, modern yet historic. As they walk nonchalantly in style, with the old stone walls behind (oh and ZARA across the street), I captured this beautiful contrast. A scene of the perfect clash that reveals the beauty of Israel.
"It was like a fashion parade – and it wasn't even New York."

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Last Day in Egypt and Light-Packing Problem

Pull & Bear coat / Uniqlo turtleneck sweater / Stradivarius pants / Forever 21 scarf
The view from my room.
Breathtaking view from our hotel.
Light-packing is definitely not a piece of cake, when all I think about was anything but the initial function of clothing. When we were asked to only take a few pieces of clothes with us as we were heading to St. Catherine, I was doomed. What? My clothes are my photo props, silly.

"What? My clothes are my photo props, silly."

St. Catherine is a small town in Sinai. It was a tremendously beautiful town, with all the mountains as the skyscrapers. Exceptionally amazing, yet extremely cold. We were supposed to climb up Mount Sinai at 3 am–well Moses did, so why couldn't we?! However when we reached St. Catherine at about 2.30 am in the freezing cold night, we just couldn't think we could make it. Moses rocked.

Regarding the limited-outfit situation, I ended up bringing the same pants I wore the other day, heat-tech turtleneck sweater, and a scarf to add a hint of color. This coat with faux quilted leather sleeves is super comfy and pretty warm. It's got a quite thick sleeveless lining which is removable. I can definitely wear it to fashion shows. So versatile.

"I can definitely wear it to fashion shows. So versatile."

I was very much gonna miss Egypt, since it was our last day before we headed to Israel. It felt so heartbreaking to leave the country; I sincerely pray for Egypt and for the sake of the people.

Nevertheless, enjoy these kick-ass view of Egypt!

P.S: And what is it with Egyptians? I swear the guys were so incredibly tall and good-looking; such an eye candy that they can fly to Indonesia and marry the celebrities straight away.

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