Topshop Spring 2010

Topshop SS 2010 collection featuring Ashish, Ann Sofie Back and Jonathan Saunders which is released in February, is divided into 4 trends. Downtown, Meadow, Persienne, and Saloon.

Futuristic detail, more to boyish look, more to dark colors, and a lot playing with fabrics.

Soft, feminine, and girlie.  Playing with patterns especially floral, with a lot of lace and crochet accent in soft and also fresh colors.
Bunch of flirty style. Mixing the girlie style with the boyish look.  A lot playing in playful accessories such as buttons, pearls, etc.  Also featuring patterns such as polka dots and stripes and a few floral. Denim is also being used in this trend.
Edgy and stunning. There's quite a lot of simple details like gold pattern and a few floral.  Shredded jeans, flare top, fringes, and ruffles are also here.

Overall, I have to say that I really adore this collection.  Those 4 trends are all actually me, I'd love to wear any kind of clothes from those trends. The thing in this collection if we look them carefully is, they are all playing with patterns (most floral).  And also cutting, they are a lot using unique cutting like ruffles, flare, cropped, bodycon pieces, etc. They are all look more to vintage style, and that's the reason I love ALL of them.



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