The Ponytail

I love this picture! It’s accidentally captured when I was going to turn around. lol
I was wearing my electric blue knitwear from Zara. It’s so soft and comfortable. And it’s color is just so bright and fresh.
I just bought those GORGEOUS floral bangles from Forever 21. I'm totally in love with those bangles. I'll upload the pictures of them soon!
I also was wearing my favorite wedges pumps. Again, it’s handmade! ;)

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  1. Yay I'm first :D Haha thanks so much Kristel, that's really sweet of you! ^^

    This outfit's really cute, love the top most of all, such a bold colour! :D Looking forward to pictures of those bangles ((:

    You look great in your photos as usual, but your last three are so beautiful! Its kinda candidl-ike, but really captures you perfectly. :D

    Love ya!


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