Summer Paradise

I just bought this navy jumpsuit from Kamiseta. It's perfect! I really love it. And oh, it's limited edition! And I bought it for only $23! It's just perfect. I also wearing my brown thin belt, it's from Forever 21 and so are the floral bangles. It's my fave bangles recently! The straw hat is my favorite, it's so summery! Well, even there's no summer here in Indonesia. Oh well.
p.s : Look at my bedsheets! It seems like ocean, doesn't it? :p Well, it has waves and boats and fishes on it actually lol


  1. I love this outfit! :D The belt really adds a little something to it. And gosh, I need a straw hat like that. Haha great post, you look like you're having fun! ^^

    And yeah, I really would like that! :D But I don't go on MSN much though.. Do you use email? How bout you mail me at :D I didn't use to check it often, but I definitely would now! ^^

    Haha really looking forward to talking with you! :D

    Love ya,

  2. i LOVE your smile, wish i had that kind of cute smile!

    love from finland
    you rock too!


  3. Thank you soooo much everyone! It means the world to me :)


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