All Night Long


These pictures were taken at my friend's birthday dinner at Ritz Carlton. I was wearing turquoise babydoll top, there's a bow tied on the back, and on the front side. I'm also wearing black skirt and a pair of pumps. I also had my hair curled by myself!
My friend Stella, was wearing tank top and her skirt (my favorite!) with buttons on the front.
Priska was wearing her white top with bright yellow cardigan and a pair of leggings.
(well she was feeling sick!)
Meilinda was wearing her white tank top and gray skirt from Pull & Bear, it's the same with mine! Mine is pink ;)
We really ate a LOT. lol 

Oh geez, I promise you after my dad bought me the SLR, I'll break into my closet and strike a pose!

P.s: VOTE! thanks ;)



  1. whoaa gathering with friends!what a lovely occasion...LOVE it sooo
    you look stylish with that tied back! and your friend too...

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  3. Nop, these photos were taken by my little sis while Britty was in Los Angeles, now she's arrived, so I hope that we'll post together soon, because next week I'm going out of Spain!

    xoxo, Cassie

    thnks for commenting us always, you're so lovely, honey!

  4. Omg a birthday dinner at ritz carlton?? :D That's SO cool! Hope you had fun, you look really beautiful in your top! :D The necklace is awesome cute, the curls in your hair are perfect! <3



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