From Thailand With Love

These pictures were taken when I was on a trip to Thailand.
In the first picture, I was wearing oversize denim shirt from Guess. Well, it was actually my dad's! I took it from my parent's closet :p Well, he has allowed me to take it.
In the second picture,I was at beach in Pattaya, it'sone of the amazing cities in Thailand. I was wearing my blue Zara sundress. It’s actually tube dress, but I asked my mom to take it to the tailor to add straps. Instead of wearing tank top, I was thinking of wearing a soft pink t-shirt inside. I was also wearing my blue flip flop, which has a polka dot button on it!
I was wearing my printed tank top from Forever 21 and denim pants from Zara in the third pictures.
The next two pictures, I was wearing my bohemian top from Forever 21. It's one of my favorite top!
 And finally the last two pictures, the plaid shirt is from Zara, and again, it's my denim pants from Zara.

Well, I just remembered that I haven't posted these pictures yet. Enjoy!



  1. Oh I'm loving your outfits! :D Most of all the first and last two, I think you look really cute with button downs! :D

    I left an award for you at my blog! :D Go check it out <3


  2. love the outfits! my fav is the bohemian top from forever cute!



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