Another Old Stuff

I’m wearing my mom’s old vintage Benetton long skirt. Long skirts are gonna be so hot this year! It appears again everywhere, worn by everyone. I rolled it up a little bit so it doesn’t look too long. I still, actually don’t really like a very long skirt :o
I also wearing my adorable vintage blouse. It’s creme with puffy sleeves and a flower at the front. The back is layered with ruffles and wide peterpan collar. It’s stunning.

p.s:  This outfit has been worn separately, you can see it later that there are 2 different posts, one of them has that top, and the other one has the skirt. check it out! ;)

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  1. ooh dear thank you so much, your comment is amazing and so lovely!
    we'll still posting!

    xoxo, Cassie!

    ah, and we're following you ;) if you want follow us on bloglovin!

  2. oups, you're right I've forgotten! sorry :S

    if you wanna follow us in both places it's beter, of course :D

    xoxo, Cassie!

  3. Hey Kristel! :D Aw this beautiful skirt again, I love how the ruffle blouse goes so well with it. (: Really cute outfit, with a vintagey feel. :D

    And oh, I didn't receive your email. )): I checked everyday, maybe my server is problematic. ): You mind sending again? :D Hope its not too much trouble! (:


  4. this outfit is beautiful! i adore your blouse!

    love, jazzabelle. x


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