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This morning everything felt so slow. The day was going slowly. So I decided to take my camera out and strike a pose! I was wearing my creme jumpsuit dress from Zara. I love this dress a LOT. It's kinda thick with buttons and zippers and due to the heavy material. But it fits me perfectly. I also was wearing my new wedges. It's REALLY comfy and I bought it for only $15! It doesn't look cheap and it's so darling! Love this day.

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  1. wow your zara is so cheap, unlike here in the phil! especially for men. argh

    Miss your blogs dear.


  2. Thanks for your comment, anyway, the $15 belongs to the wedges, not the Zara dress, it seems you are mistaken hahaha. Thanks again anyway! ;)


  3. the jumpsuit is from Zara? waaah i wanna go to a Zara store. there's not one single Zara here in the Philippines.

  4. thank-you for your kind comment! this series of pictures is just so beautiful, the lighting and your reflection in the tiles looks lovely!

    love, jazzabelle. x

  5. The light in these photos is fantastic! lovely x

  6. Hahaa KRISTEL! I've replied your email lol! Miss you lotssss how you've been?

    Loving this outfit, the dress is really pretty, and goes so well with the wedges! You know from the first few shots I thought they look so much like Givenchy's bandage wedges, can't believe they're 15 dollars. Mannnnn! Hahahaa

    Love ya!


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