Summer Trip 2010 - part 2

'Pacung' restaurant which has a very great view!
Still at 'Pacung' Restaurant!

We were visiting some places today (well, I didn't show you every places here, just the best places). In the first, second, and third picture, I was at Bedugul, which has a temple, Ulun Danu temple, in the middle of a lake. It was amazing. And then we went to 'Pacung' restaurant to have lunch. The view is beautiful! I also bought a small handmade painting which is so arty and ethnic. I'll show you the picture!


  1. Love your romper su7per cute!! and im loving your header as well! its perfect!

  2. So pretty! Looks amazing. I love the architecture and the tall trees in the second picture!

  3. love your jumpsuit. seems you had so much fun in Bali.


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