Sky Blue

I was abroad! I just bought this beautiful simple dress from Cotton On. I love this dress! It has a lace detail at the back. I feel alive today, walking in this dress feels great. It’s comfy and perfect on me. I also just bought this ethnic necklace from Cache Cache. I spent the whole evening just by lying on the bed, took some pictures, watching TV, reading book, just relaxing my tired two feet. This dress cheered me up with a sudden!


  1. so cute! i also love spending the day at home! i followed your blog! follow mine if you like! :) see you around!

  2. elle est magnifique cette robe, j'aime beaucoup

  3. Hey Kristel thanks so much for following me im so happy to be your friend and follow you to im glad your my frist follower thank you for your ciomments on my pic's your the best ever. i realy love all your outfits this dress you have on is the best you have a wounderfull style



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