The Dim Lights

We stayed in a hotel called 'Banana Inn' and the hotel flip flop was banana!
those tempting fruit pies...
I just spent 2 days out of town with my family. Spending the whole day laying up in bed, eating, watching TV, eating, went swimming, eating, eating, and eating again. Oh, and went shopping. A little bit. Sort of.
I wore my casual flare top from Zara and a pair of denim shorts. I wasn't too willing to dress up for some reason. This afternoon I just went swimming, then took a bubble bath, and went out for dinner, and watching soccer in the hotel. Sounds great, doesn't it?


  1. hi kris!

    it seems as though ur like living at home while on vacation ey hehe hope your having fun with vacation like I am right now lol

    how do you like my new blog layout? :)

  2. love the lighting in these photos--you look great:D

  3. That sounds like a great way of speding your time! And you look really pretty and cute and comfortable at the same time!

    Kiss you my dear<3

  4. oh,i love your dress,it´s amazing!

  5. loe your outfit:)xx check it out if you want we can follow each other x

  6. wow these photos have turned out perfect. i suck at taking photos inside so i am in awe at how brilliant your are.


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