It's Too Simple

HEY! Finally I published my outfit post. It's been, I don't know, a week? I've been kind of busy, it's nearly the national exam, just about less than 3 months to go! So, yeah, it's been a hectic week. Anyway, I was just thinking of wearing something more classic and vintage, and I remembered that my mom just gave me her black vintage trousers which is amazing! I wore it with my flare top, vintage belt, and my quilted fringe bag from Pull & Bear.

I've been really concerned about how animal abuse spreads everywhere. I mean, please stop those kind of thing. It's just too cruel. Seeing animals like dogs being tortured, I mean, you know, how could you? Recent issue I found lately is violence against dogs as pet. Why do people keep dogs If they just put their dogs in the cage and didn't let them out? That's cruel. I've been taking simple action in a community which against this kind of thing. It's simple, just click to donate, it's a very easy way to help. If you would like to do this daily action just like I do, just click here Care 2. Maybe some of you have known or heard or even been in this community, for you who didn't know, it's never too late to join. Thanks for your concerns!


  1. Adorable outfit! The skirt is really cute!!:)


  2. following you dear! love the stripes!

  3. amazing outfit!!!

    and... there's a give-away on my blog!so cu soon!!!

    xoxo from rome

  4. you are amazing!!!!!! LOVE YOUR STYLE!!


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