Happy Chinese New Year!

the lion dance
dragon performance
girls with their plates!
I'm wearing Forever 21 top, studded vest and a pair of jeans.

I was celebrating Chinese new year's eve with my family. We were having dinner while enjoying show and performance from China. It was great! I have once had dinner in here but it's a long time ago. It started with the lion dance, they tried to 'eat' the angpao which has money inside. After the lion dance, there was the dragon dance. They are a part of the tradition which we have seen many times. Then the shaolin came out. They performed acrobatics and stuff. So did the girls, they were spinning the plates with the sticks and performed acrobatics and great attractions. We somehow more amazed with the girls. Well, the girls won. lol
I didn't bring my camera with me so I just used my Blackberry, well, sorry for the bad quality pictures.



  1. happy chinese new year!!
    you have a great blog :)


  2. Hei, Kristel! How have you been? Sorry for not answering your sweet comments but i've been sooo busy with my exams and i had no time:( Now i'm back:D
    As i can see, you're enjoying time with your family! That's great, you look really happy! And this festivity looks awesome, i'm fascinated about chinese new years! Such an amazing culture:)

    ♥ kisses ♥


  3. Good luck with your exams Kristel, i'm sure you'll do great! You're a smart girl, i know it!
    About my camera, i use a canon 400d with a canon 50 mm 1.4 lens! It's the best lens i ever had, and i totally love it! If you have the cash, i totally suggest you get it cause the quality just can't be beaten!

    Lots of love,

  4. love these! your header is also adorable. x hivennn

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