STOP Animal Abuse

"This is a set that i dedicate to our furry friends. Earlier today,i saw some monkeys being forced to do stuff on the street. They were doing dances, wearing weird mask and other stuff. On my way home, i saw them still doing those stuff on the same street. I was away for more than 3 hours and the monkeys are still doing those tricks. People do bad stuff to animal for money. That's just sad!" -Priska Effendy

This amazing art set was made by my friend, Priska Effendy.  I was taking a quick look at her profile on Polyvore when I found this set. Priska and I have had such a huge passion and concern for animals. We both have different view for animals. I also represent Priska would like to encourage all of my beloved readers to take an action to prevent and fight animal abuse. You can take daily action just like I do through 'Click to Donate' on Care2. Clik HERE to go straight away. I do not take any profit by representing Care2. Thank you for your concern.


  1. It's so sad that these things happen to animals...i feel really sorry for them.In fact, because of animal abuse i becamed a vegetarian:)
    I think we should all think more about our furry friends and show them some more love:)

    Kisses dear

  2. thats just sad... i love animals and it really disturbs me to hear things like that :(

  3. hey girl:) thanks for you sweet comment again! hope you have a great Monday.


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