BALI - Part II

Forever 21 sundress and bag / Surfer Girl flip flop / Everlast watch / Straw hat from Bali
 Still day 2! As I said before, we spent the whole day at the beaches! Second destination is Padang Padang Beach. The beach was awesome. There was this huge cliff along the left side of the beach and that was freakin' amazing. We stopped by just to take pictures. It was worth enough, wasn't it?


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place :) and I like your outfit, perfect for a trip to the beach !

    Fashion and Cookies

  2. re:how you know her? :)
    nice photos dear :)


  3. totally adorable! I love how romantic yet fun these pictures came out. Looks like a good time!

    -Ai Nhu


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