DELIKATE RAYNE is a brand or clothing line from the US which is found by sisters, Komie and Meg.  The collection is fantastic.  Once I checked it out, I knew I love it already.  The cutting and details are amazingly unique, in mostly basic colors.  Love the typical of edgy style, combined with a touch of bohemian and Indian look, which obviously the style I love.  It's casual, it's youthful, it's fresh, it's stunning. There's this feeling, telling you to have them! I just can't resist it.

There are tons of great pictures which I love like crazy. Check them out straight away!
or just click the red words above!

p.s: I don't get paid for any commercial purposes from this brand or any other parties.


  1. The dress in the 4th picture is amazing! Love how cool this brand is :)

  2. really like your blog:) I invite to visit my blog and follow each other

  3. what a great clothing line! xx


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