Interview with Andreea of Thrill of The Heel

I just did an interview with one of my favorite girls, fashion blogger, and friend, Andreea.  This bold and daring fashionista is the creator behind the big name 'Thrill of The Heel'.  With her unique style, extraordinary looks, confidence in styling, and down to earth personality, this girl really does steal my heart.
1. First of all, I totally love your blog! Can you tell us the reason why you started your blog?
Thank you! I started blogging last autumn when I moved in another city for college.I was reading fashion blogs for about 2 years so I thought I should start a blog too, something like a style diary where could I write about what I like and what I wore. It’s fun and it’s very intersting to see how your style evolves over time!
2. I'm really curious here, what is the philosophy behind your blog title 'Thrill of The Heel''? 
Can you tell us a little bit? We really want to know! :)
Haha, many people ask me this :) I wanted something original and easy to remember, so, after a few days of thinking, I thought the name should relate to my biggest passion: high heels. I wear them daily and I loooove crazy shoes with big chunky heels. Those usually give me thrills :) So here it is: Thrill of The Heel!
3. I love your personal style! Can you give a brief description?
I think the best word to describe my style is “eclectic”. My style is a mixture of vintage/highstreet/thrift and no name brands that allows me to have fun with clothes!
4. You really do have amazing pictures there on your blog! Do you have any interests in photography? Can you tell us what camera do you use?
Thank you! Actually, photographing my outfits is the most difficult part. Yes, I love photography and  I use my camera everytime I get the chance but It’s hard for me to be photographed often because…I’m a normal person and I don’t carry a photographer with me daily:)
I use a Canon 400D.
5. Name 3 must-have items which are so necessary for you!
I would have to say my accessories: 1. High heels, 2. A belt, 3. A hat. Using these accessories, even the most boring outfit can become oh so interesting!
6. Can you tell us some of your favorite brands or clothing line or designers?
If you ask me, the best comes from vintage :) But, if I were to name my favorite designers, I would definitely say Yves Saint Laurent(he is my biggest fashion crush), Dior and Miu Miu.
7. I greatly admire your courage in having such a bold transformation by having a short haircut! Can you tell us a little bit about it?
Wow! I actually think my hair is not short at all and I’m seriously thinking to get a bolder, shorter haircut. Anyway, I’m no good with hair. I don’t like spending too much time styling it, so the best thing for me is something easy to wear.

8. Do you have your own fashion icon/s who has/have inspired you a lot?
My biggest inspiration comes from my mom. Beside her, I take inspiration from bloggers such as Jane from Sea of Shoes, Karla from Karla’s Closet and Karen from Where did you get that?

9. Do you wish to have a further involvement in fashion industry? Perhaps a future career in fashion industry?
Fashion is an important part of my life ever since I was a kid, I love clothes and always will so…hell yeah! That would be like a dream come true :))
 10. What are your tips for the new bloggers?
Just be yourself. Wear whatever you want, don’t change just because people say you should. Enjoy fashion, play with it, take risks and dare to be different!

Can't get enough of the interview? Visit Andreea to see her fabulous style!  I bet you're curious.


  1. Such a cool interview, I love her blog! :)

  2. cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on Bloglovin and on Facebook:-)

  3. Great interview ! Nice to discover your blog and style !

  4. nice interview! I hadn't hear of her before so thanks for sharing :)!

    x Breshna

  5. She has such great style! Love these looks!

  6. love the leaves printed skirt she got <3

    Journal J

  7. Awwww, i love it! Thank you so much for this, Kristel! It's really sweet of you and i really enjoyed answering your questions!
    I'll post a link to the interview in my next post!


  8. I looove her ! She's great .

  9. Such a lovely post! We really enjoyed seeing the photos and reading through all the Q&A's! Nicely done, doll! Love your blog!

    LPFashionPhilosophy, Wardrobe Stylists NYC


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