"The Blackbirds are Rough Today"
We don't have winter here, but indeed, I'm a huge fan of knits. But hey, knits are no longer seen for its functional purpose, they're even one of the hottest Spring Summer trends!

Everyone knows that we're all lust for light Spring knits, yes we do. This editorial by Stephen Ward for Russh #45 is definitely a proof. Jess Gold looks very comfortable yet sophisticated in a collection of Spring knitwear that definitely worth to try before this season comes to an end.

Now you know wearing knits in spring/summer is NOT exaggerating and wearing knits only in winter is totally lame.


  1. Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing =) X

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  2. I'm loving the first knit.. although the other image aren't showing for me? ):

    Style by Joanne

    1. Thanks for the notice! I'll fix the problem soon.


  3. Great pics! Very inspiring! hope you'll visit my blog!

  4. I am following your beautiful blog, if you want to follow back i will be glad, i wish you have a wonderful day !

  5. amazing photos and collection!

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  6. Gila ini knit nya bikin pingsan! hahahaha, lebih baik mati kepanasan drpd mati gaya!
    lets go wearing knit!!!!! :p
    i miss u kristell!!!!!


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