10 Things I Carry Everyday - My essentials

  1. Wallet – this black DKNY is the first zipper wallet that I comfortably use before I struggled with all my previous tri-fold wallets. The canvas material feels comfy in your hands; love the classy color combination of black and gold.
  2. Glasses – it's been said that eyes are the window to the soul, well for me? My glasses. I only use them in class or while watching movies or in meetings that require my capability to look far (so I don't have to squint, obviously!). And oh, I switched the ugly original case to this chic denim case! What do you think?
  3. Hairbrush – no explanation needed, we all do know that girls- brush- hair. This brush from The Body Shop is very practical due to its compatible size to carry with you everywhere. And it's eco-friendly!
  4. Agenda and ink pen – this little silver leather agenda is with me all the time; I found it very useful to write important notes and make a quick to-do lists instead of carrying my big binder everywhere. I've been using this Zebra Sarasa ink gel since forever. It has a clip so that I can easily clip it wherever I want.
  5. Cosmetic bag – of course with all my daily makeup staples inside. The navy bag is vintage, I got it from my mom.  I put my two eyeliners, mascara, lipstick, lip balm, compact powder for a touch up, blush, concealer, brushes, and everything else in it (oh well, not gonna write about my long makeup talk in this post).  Small pouch yet spacious!
  6. Blackberry – texting, chatting, phone calls, emails–what else to say?
  7. Ipod – the only entertainment in a long car ride or a desperate wait for food to come at restaurants. Spending minutes reading e-magazines and instagram-ing do help!
  8. Facial spray – this is one of my most essential things. This evian facial spray is such a perfect refreshment in hot weather or simply an exhausting day.  It's chemical-free that it's made of natural mineral water. Moreover, it also helps to fix make-up! (now I sound like a salesgirl) It really IS a 'skin-safer' in a bad, dry weather. Try it yourself!
  9. Elastic hair bands – umm, bad hair day?
  10. Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon tote bag – love the fact that it is SO spacious; I can throw like everything in it.  The fabric is waterproof, I don't have to worry about the annoying sudden rain or spilling my drink on it.  Perfect for my long, busy day.
This is my essentials at the moment! What are yours?


  1. love everything!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  2. This might sound a little voyeuristic but I really like to see what other people carry in their bags. For me, my phone, wallet, makeup pouch, tissues and wet wipes are must-haves in my bags.



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