A Spray of Jasmine

Nothing beats the spray of your favorite fragrance.  When you spray your signature perfume in the air and twirl around the raining grains of perfume, nothing beats the feeling. Classic.

My favorite at the moment is White Jasmine eau de toilette by Zara.  I always fall for floral scent undoubtedly, I fell for this one the first time I sniffed it.  Dominated with the irresistible scent of Jasmine and the delicate fresh lilies of the valley.  Soft yet delicate, not too strong yet alluring, this is definitely the fragrance I would want to use every time I touch it.  No kidding, it lasts, even after bath.

Yup, I like a good floral scent.

p.s: my first ever video! What do you think?


  1. What is your nail color in the video/photos? It's quite gorgeous :)

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