From Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Esprit top / New Look denim vest / Mango trousers and aviator / Bershka sandals / Payless crossbody / Asos watch
So glad to be back on track!

First day stepping my feet on this glorious city, I could never stop gasping, admiring this megapolis city, Dubai. As far as my eyes could reach and my skin could feel in a sec, this city is totally all about its never ending road of massive buildings with such incredible architectures, palm trees, mounds and mounds of yellowish sands in every corner and street, the super shiny sun (yes, I do believe they must have their own different sun), and climate which could definitely resemble a sauna (I quite enjoyed it though!).

I just figured out that some people there don't really speak English, with —somehow unusual pronunciation (the fact that this one guy told me to step back by saying 'buck'), I wast lost in translation.  Well, just for a while, though.  Anyway, the fact that Arabs were nice people is one thing to remember.

Before we spent a day in Dubai, we first visited the capital city of UAE, of course, Abu Dhabi.
Dubai and Abu Dhabi, just like Yin and Yang. One with its countless numbers of spectacular buildings while one with its multicultural society.

Just like its name, Grand Mosque, this magical mosque really is grandeur, with white shade and gold cover all the incredible buildings. The details and carvings are truly admirable.  It is a must for women to wear particular dressing, so excited I got a chance to try abaya, a robe-like dress or cloak worn by Arab women. Cool!

Sitting for 8 (plus plus plus) hours in the plane, a pair of training trousers are definitely the propitious outfit you would want to wear (it basically felt like wearing pajama). Found my new favorite combination, (woot woot) nautical stripes and denim! I'm pleased with how casual it is — still without looking slouchy; everything just so right.

Until the next part!


  1. This is such a cool outfit!

  2. I went to Dubai for vacations four years ago with my family, we spent a week there and we totally loved it! It was by far one of the most amazing cities I've ever been to! I loved the landscape, the weather, the people and the culture -that it's so different from mine but so interesting to get to know! I hope I can go back there someday! Anyways, I loved these pictures you posted, so fresh and pretty! It actually made me miss Dubai! I'll totally keep an eye on your blog so I can check your next posts from Dubai. Have fun in there :)

  3. Dubai is such a great place for holiday! Your pictures are great as well as your chic outfit!:)

  4. Your pictures look amazing, wish I went back to Dubai again

    Tsui Chung


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