Pergamon to Troy

Zara dress / Topshop aviators (similar HERE) / Stradivarius sandals 
The theatre
Replica of Trojan Horse

Remember that movie, with Brad Pitt and his long hair? Well yes, you see it right; I was standing there, right at the same place where the movie took place, where back then the real Trojan War happened: the city of TROY.

I couldn't quite believe that I was even breathing the same air, at the same place of the movie, Troy.  Touching those centuries old walls and ruins, dragging my feet on the same ground where the Trojans were setting theirs on, can you imagine how it feels like?!
HAHA, it's kinda cool to be an archer and a princess for a day! (even just for 30 lira photographs)

We visited the Pergamon in Bergama before Troy, an ancient city where the Kingdom of Pergamon in Roman times really did exist.  Imagining this ancient city buried under the ground through centuries is just truly amusing.

We eventually got to the hotel, again, with such a breathtaking view from the balcony.

Turkey really did steal my heart from one day to another. Oh I'm head over heels.


  1. wow the scenery is breathtaking! love the archer photo ^.^

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  3. Beautiful!


  4. This is breath taking. I've never been to those parts of the world, maybe Spain was the closest I've gotten to it. Whatever money I can save, I spend on travel. it's the best way to create memories.

    I am also a blogger, but I focus more on fashion and mainly on legwear.


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