I'll begin with the sweetest yet the latest "Happy New Year 2013!" shout out from me. My bad of being so belated, I was out of the country twice for the last 2 weeks that I haven't had time for updates.


Let's start this year with a refreshing new closet! What I'm referring to is not necessarily 'new', but most importantly new in the term of organized. Not until the end of last year, that I believe most of your wardrobes–including me– eventually went to a stage where it needed to get a rearrangement. I got these wonderful tips that I found really useful for my closet. Some of these were found from some amazing websites I surfed vigorously 'till I fell asleep, some are mine. Hope these guides will give you a victory in upgrading your closet, because it does for me!
I found this simple yet effective tip from Real Simple; like a light bulb over my head, I know this is definitely the solution to my problem. Tired of always having my tops slipping off the hangers, using rubber bands to secure them is brilliant. Just wrap a band around each end of your hanger and tadaa, problem solved.

p.s: visit realsimple.com for some more great tips. You'll  be addicted  'coz I am!

Knits are essentials in my wardrobe, I never wash it before I wear it for a few times. It's gross tough to put them back in my closet; so instead, I came up with a thought of separating them with my clean clothes, yet still keep them inside my closet. I found this canvas-suede box that is just perfect as a 'temporary' container for my 'half-clean, half-worn' clothes.  The fabric is soft, it won't scratch my knits.  Not only knitwear, I also wear my jeans for a couple times before washing them.  I stack them as well in the box until it's time to wash!
I own pairs and pairs of suede boots, heels, until flats that they often get dusty after a couple of use.  Whether you keep them in boxes or leave them without their box like I do, dusting your suede shoes before storing them is something you shouldn't miss.  Brush them gently with a toothbrush; keep the brush in a clear bag so that you'll notice when it comes to replacing with a new one (err mine needs replacement). Simply keep it together with the shoes, inside your closet or the shoes box so that you can reach it easily.

Hope these will be useful for you. Let's kick off this year with a blast!


  1. AH! So helpful! I hate that my clothes NEVER stay on the hangers! It is such a pain! I will have to get some elastic bands! Thanks for the tip! Your wardrobe organization has me envious, so neat!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Emma x

  2. Very cool and very helpful !

  3. Very nice;)



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