Improvised Fashion, new trend?

H&M peplum top (similar HERE) / H&M leather skirt (similar HERE and HERE/ London Rebel smoking slippers (buy HERE)
I got lots of words to say about this place I visited in Singapore, Garden by The Bay –many of you must have been heard of it before; but I'll save it for the next blog post!

I wasn't quite prepared about the outfit I was gonna wear, so I decided to throw on my peplum top and  paired it with a leather skirt. Wasn't impressed with the look, I improvised; I then tucked my top into the skirt, sacrificing the peplum to get the whole look right. Well, sometimes we have to improvise, yes?

Or has it even become a new trend to change something with our own inclination?


  1. You look lovely, love
    the (peplum) top :P
    Nicely fixed!


  2. Thanks for comment!! Really like your style :)


    La moda muere joven

  3. I love your skirt! And the design of your blog :)

    Follow you!


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