Interview with Malena of Fashion Container

Been following her work for a while, I already am impressed with her presence in the blogging world as a newcomer.  Hers is a style everyone just couldn't resist to follow; her brilliant eyes for fashion is something you would admire from her.

Read on to find out more about Malena and her awesome style in this little interview I did with her!

Hi Malena! First I’d like to say how I admire your work as a newcomer in fashion blogging! How did you get into fashion blogging?
Wow, that's a big compliment. Thank you so much! I've been wanting to start my own fashion blog ever since I got familiar with the phenomenon of fashion blogging, which is about 4 years ago. I was following some other bloggers and I was just so excited to start my own. A little over a year ago I finally had the courage to do so.
Your blog title is intriguing! What’s behind the title ‘Fashion Container’?
I was looking for a catchy and not too cliché title for my blog and "Fashioncontainer" just simply came into my mind after a bit of brainstorming. It doesn't have much meaning, except from the fact the title implies that the website contains fashion (wink).

What is your blogging routine? How do you usually come up with an idea for your post?
I mostly do outfit posts, so whenever I'm playing around with my clothes i just come up with another good outfit that I can photograph for my blog. Lately I've been wanting to do some more personal posts, so I try to share as much of my personal life with my readers as possible. Oh, and I always like it when my readers give me some guidance about what they want me to write about, it's so helpful!
I truly adore your fashion style; you always manage to look so chic in every post! What do you think is your personal trademark that we can’t find in anyone else?
Aw, thank you! I think I manage really good in wearing very low budget stuff, but looking like it has cost me a lot of money. Besides that, I think I'm very good at balancing an outfit with the right color combi's, mix of textures and accessories.
Name 3 must-have items in your wardrobe that you can live without!
A leather jacket, a pair of coated jeans and black strappy heels.
You have been blogging for a year. What do you think is the best part of fashion blogging so far? What about the downside?
The best part of blogging for me is the feeling I have my own personal project and an outlet of my creativity. And let's be honest: getting free clothes and being featured in one of my favorite Dutch fashion magazines is also part of the good things of blogging (wink). The downside I’d say is the fact that blogging requires a lot of determination and perseverance. It seems a lot more glamorous than it actually is. You see beautiful pictures & outfits, but for me it means I've spend hours to pick the right outfit, photograph it at the right location and edit the pictures to perfection. 
Who influence yourself in fashion? Do you have fashion icons that really inspired you?
I get inspiration from a lot of different sources: other bloggers, friends, people walking on the street. Simply checking out the new collection of a designer can give me plenty of inspiration for my own outfits as well.
Have you ever thought of working in the world of fashion? Perhaps a future career in fashion industry?
Yes, definitely! I have a law degree, but I've always wanted to something fashion related. I have plans to start my own online shop in a while and I'd love to work as a stylist as well.
For a blogger who has only been blogging for a year, you’re a star, definitely. Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. My number one advice would be: always make sure that whatever you post is the best quality possible. Never post for the sake of posting. Always be a perfectionist!
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