OSCARS Red Carpet Through Time

From the iconic Miss Hepburn in her 50s slash neckline dress to Amy's dramatic, fairytale Oscar de la Renta gown, Oscars certainly has been noted for the top celebrities in the era and their expertise–in dressing up of course–on the legendary Red Carpet.  With their famous yet monotonous signature poses–from hand on hip, both hands on hip to the 'let me see the back' pose, these celebrities have somehow thrown their own party.  Red Carpet has been the most awaited event of the show, instead of the show itself.

Which brings me to this list, also created for the submission of IFB Project #84!

Here are my picks of my personal favorite Red Carpet looks through time. Enjoy.

UPDATE: They just announced the chosen lists, and mine's included! Click HERE to check it out!
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  1. Love the style all of them! 100% inspiration :)


  2. I love how each gown is different and fashion has evolved a lot.


  3. Beautiful photos, I love all of these ladies in their beautiful gowns. There's nothing pretty much like (old) Hollywood glamour!

    xoxo, Sam


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