Simply Chic? It's All About the Shoes

Zara sweatshirt (similar HERE) and shoes (similar HERE)

This fact might hurt to those who own a head-to-toe checklist when it comes to dressing up, but it is true.


Even the most shabby outfit can look chic with a pair of killer shoes.
Have you noticed those street stylers or high-end fashion people who can simply and successfully bring off their effortless vibe in the fashion world, sometimes (even mostly) dress up so easily in such a simple style that we somehow hard to pull off?

Well, I wonder if the key must be their shoes.
We've seen them in sweaters and leather skirt, we've tried them on us too, but somehow we just don't see it their ways. I've come to a conclusion, it's definitely their shoes; it's absolutely because of those Alexander Wang boots and Valentino pumps. Dang it.

As the matter of fact, I personally think a pair of shoes as the most crucial element in an outfit. Though, I'm not talking about the brands or those high-end designer pairs, I'm talking about killer shoes. Yes. Those shoes that drag your whole attention down to them. Don't care if it is Zara or Valentino, H&M or Jimmy Choo, you can never go wrong with 'the it-shoes'; you'll nail their look just with a pair of power shoes. They compliment your whole look, emphasizes your style, yet giving a statement to your look. I believe so, because that's what happened to me all the time– every time I dress up! It's all about the shoes.

So. Try 'walking in their shoes', and see if you feel it.
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  1. Nice outfits, you blog are beautiful, I follow you by GFC.

  2. I love your shoes! You look beautiful!

  3. Your shoes are great in combination with this simple outfit.

  4. Pretty heels! Also love the rest of your outfit.
    Like the little neon detail, your bracelets!

  5. great post, loving those heels
    thanks for the blog love hun :)

  6. god - these shoes are amazing dear. you look so beautiful!
    Wanna follow each other?

  7. I really love your style and your blog! I'm following you now

  8. And now I want one pair!!!!

  9. Very nice photos! You look great.


  10. I really love your outfit, have been thinking about getting the shoes as well, they are great!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  11. Love your style!!!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  12. Hi great style ! pretty face:)That's all you need:) Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?


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