The Super Zara Skort

I was gobsmacked and smirking at the same time when I first saw this skort on some big named bloggers before it gets contagious until today. Because I could see it coming!

Now? I'm getting used to it.

I was sooo thrilled when I first spotted this mighty fold over skort in Zara.
I just knew– I really did– that this was going to be huge. 
Until I noticed some bloggers (and eventually all bloggers) wore it, I knew for sure how appealing this skort to so many eyes.

Perfect minimalist color, perfect wrap around detail.
It's a fashion disease and it's contagious!
So, have you got infected?
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  1. I love this shorts they are perfect.

  2. Loved it..They are so fantastic..

  3. Guess I'm one of the ppl who doesn't like them which is weird to me cause I like almost every new trend.

  4. ive been seing these shorts everywhere!


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