I'm Changing Blog Name!

After a while, I've decided to change my blog title! 

Eventually, I don't feel the specific engagement between the name itself and the readers. I've come up with a new, relatable title that screams everything about this niche fashion blog. Trendescope (formerly en la moda) represents everything I want to comprise. Derived from two words, trend and telescope, Trendescope tells readers of how I share my eye for trend and fashion. I'm spotting trends and stalking fashion updates.
Trendescope channels my fashion hunt with this blog as your telescope.
Hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think.
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  1. I love the header! awesome typography plus I love the name.


  2. Just found ur blog. Nice header u got there! And u are a pretty gal ;)

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  3. Great blog,

    would be good if you could check out my blog:




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