The Spot

Zara sweater (similar HERE)/ Stradivarius printed jeans (see if you like THIS and THIS!)  / ASOS bag (check out this COLOR too!) / Zara woven heels

I've been cheating on posting-deadline.  Pardon my ten days of absence.

You know what I'm always excited for when it comes to traveling? Obviously, photographs! Thinking what to wear on Day 1 to 10 has always been longer than planning the trip itself.

Alrighty, this time I was out of town, only was gone for a couple of days, but still!
I looked around and what I always thought is, "Time to change, that spot looks awesome."
I notice this awesome spot on the way back to my hotel room, right on a corner of that floor. It sort of resembles an elegant spot at a museum with grand carpet stairs – I'm talking about a tini-tiny museum. Or a photo atudio! I've been getting comments on how this spot looks like a studio. Yay for such an awesome hotel decor!
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  1. Looking effortless and stunning! Love these photos so much <3 xx

  2. Love the patternmix between pants and shoes!


  3. Wow.what a fantastic outfit..I am in love with this...Loved how you paired up the heels with these pants to create an illusion!

  4. Love this outfit! Your photography is soo amazing!
    TFD | The Fashion District
    Latest outfit 

  5. woaaaaa.....nice printed jeans and heels! you look so beautiful.
    and I love your beauty hair


  6. Such a sweet outfit! Easy and chic :) xoxo :*

  7. amazing outfit!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because I really love your blog!! you have great posts
    kisses pretty


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