Slouchy Chic

ZARA sweat top and pants / MANGO heeled sandals

Busy, busy, busy. Busy, that I don't have that much time to stand in front of my wardrobe to think carefully what to wear in a day, or even have a sec to think at night about what I'm going to wear the next day.

Here's the thing.

I've been busy preparing a fashion show which is created and run by Fashion Marketing and Management students at my college. Well, when I said students, I'm not talking about a class of 30 people, I'm talking about my class of 6 people. Ehm, including me. So, you can possibly imagine how hectic it is at the moment to handle a few things at the same time. My sincere apologies for those whom I've ignored, I'll send you a card when I'm free.


I want to feel comfortable, dressing up in the morning; therefore all I can think of is an effortless yet chic outfit.

When you have to get up at 5.30 sharp in the morning, trust me, you WON'T have that MUCH time to try on that MANY outfits. I want to feel comfortable, dressing up in the morning; therefore all I can think of is a comfortable yet chic outfit. Effortless but not sloppy. So I ended up, wearing my most cozy oversized sweat top with these loose patterned pants. The top is black, so it still gave a formal vibe and the pants are super awesome, they have prints so that they don't look like sweatpants.

OH REALLY, thank HER (I assume she's a she) who first introduced the stylish way of wearing lousy outfit. How awesome is this? Slouchy Chic. Slouchic. Is it even the right term? Anyway, you get it.

What is your self-invented fashion term?
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  1. simply chic!

  2. Love your blog, please go check mine :)

  3. effortlessly chick :)

  4. Just found your blog! Your hair are amaizing! Best, Stella from

  5. Nice blog :)

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    Bisous bisous

  6. Loving this effortless look so much. Nice pants and shoes! xx

  7. You look amazing dear! Love your pants! ;)

  8. nice pants

  9. I love this style!
    and your heels won my heart, should go and grab a pair for myself!

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