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As if it was not enough for Marc Jacobs to blow us away for his 29 incredible years, he comes up with an idea to again inspire us with one of his creations in Marc's world, Marc Jacobs Beauty.

All people from fashionistas to beauty junkies were eagerly anticipated to see the first look of Marc's beauty line. The fashion world has gone crazy waiting, if you must know. Today, women are gleeful for the launch of this 120-pieces, 16 product collection; while some of them hoping that this line will expand soon that it is only available at Sephora and Marc Jacobs Beauty Store in New York at the moment.

Here are my top picks (that I'm dying to try) for Marc's beautiful creations.

1. Magic Marc'er Precision Pen - $30
As a Chinese Indonesian with small Asian's typical mono eyelided eyes, an eyeliner which was invented for perfect definition is a treasure to me. Like its promising tagline, Blackest black. Waterproof. Extreme wear., I so very much can't wait to sweep it to my taped eyelids.

2. Style Eye-Con No. 3 Plush Shadow - $42
One factor that excites me the most is the formula. I hate glitters on my eyes–yes, but these shadows by Mr. Marc are unlike any others. It has subtle shimmers, yet it's matte. Matte! Just what I need for me. I found it quite challenging to use shadows on tapes, that I have to use eye shadow base to bring out the color. This plush shadow gives an instant color, it's buttery and not powdery with the longest wear. What more could you ask for?

3. Brow Tamer Grooming Gel - $24
I hate to have my eyebrows trimmed–there, I said it. I just don't like the look of stiff, fake eyebrows. Therefore, this grooming gel is a perfect way to get my brows well groomed and in shape without making them look too stiff. 

4. Shameless Bold Blush - $30
I'm a total blush freak, I love blushes. I'm super excited to give this Bold Blush a shot! It is a creamy finish powder (best of both worlds!) and the color gives a vibrancy that I won't need to take a few swipes before the color comes out. Just a quick swipe and there they are, cheekbones!

5. Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation - $49
I've never been a foundation girl, but this genius foundation is definitely the product that I'd love to try. It has this light formula gives a natural coverage. It even comes with antioxidant vitamin protection, just what every girl needs!

6. Lovemarc Lip Gel - $30
I always stick to 1 to 2 lipsticks that I've been comfortable using daily until today. Right after I read about Lovemarc, I'm ready to fall in love with this gellified lipstick. The formula hydrates and moisturizes, just what I need to survive dry weather. As it's been said, "this long-wear lipstick has a texture so irresistible, it tempts you to touch."

7. Lash Lifter Get Volume Mascara - $26
While some mascaras promise you with volume, others offer you with length and curl. This Mascara? It's got it all. Lift, lenghten, volumize, curl; this innovation truly makes me wonder if there's really a wonder mascara.

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  1. top picks of you, they seems tempt me to try them one by one. But i would likw to try no. 2 & 6

    1. Definitely, they seem awesome! I'd like to try both no 2&6 as well, hope they sell worldwide soon! x

  2. great post! ^^

  3. Always so inspiring,love!


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