A Look Back before Stepping Forward in Fashion

Well, hello there.

Yes, yes I've been gone for quite a while; but I come back, so pretty please, do stay.

I wanna take this time to take a look back at my life in fashion (since this is a fashion blog) and simply my life in this life (if that makes any sense).

I have been drowning in my own thoughts of my involvement in fashion world and the lifestyle. All my life, I have been surrounded by things–I just realized–make me a part of this mad fashion world. Back then, my mom used to own a boutique, where she designed and managed the production herself. I remember back then, I would sit in my living room, watching as my mom and dad picking out piles and piles of fabrics from a fabric seller – whom I believe appeared pretty often at my house. Yard after yard of colorful fabrics were rolled out; and I would sit at the end of the roll, holding the edge of the fabric while the man was cutting it. Those rolls were twice taller than me – well, they were humongous. Such an enchanting moment to witness, yes? It was! Everyday I would come home from school and bring my ass to my mom's boutique, spellbound by the fantasy of what glamor was seemed to me.

It never occurred to me until today. Do you ever think what on earth are you doing in fashion? I do, so many times. I'm currently working as a Fashion Merchandiser and Buyer for an international high-end fashion brand. Yes, I'm extremely happy with my job, but then, what? It's not like it is the most noble thing to do in the world. Am I living the dream? Am I running toward the right direction? Am I, am I? This never-ending self-centric thought will never stop bothering me. Has anyone ever get bothered, you guys? I have reached a point where I'm starting to look through at what I have been doing, and if I am going somewhere, will there be a breaking point in my future career?

But then, I am reversing the way I am thinking.

Society (if that's not too hyperbolic) has always had this certain view of fashion, and that 'certain' view has come out as a judgement, which eventually formed the label. I am perfectly aware and completely understand why they would think that way, but let's just break it down here. What comes across your mind when you hear or read the word 'FASHION'? Glamor, fabulosity, shopping, luxury, trends, bloggers, brands, labels, fashionista, selfie (what?), and more you could think of. That all sound like an incredible way to describe fashion, yes?
But I have only mentioned what they adore about fashion. Have you thought about the negatives? Materialistic, splurges, negative influence, skinny, exceeding, addiction, discrimination.

I am not making up words here, I have actually read all these articles and what they really think about fashion. And what they said is powerful, it gets to people. It even gets to me, I started to think if what they say is true? Is fashion really just about these stuffs?

All this time, we're all living in a bubble, or at least I am. I am too excited of what I am discovering in this industry, not caring about these thoughts that have somehow reversed the idea of fashion, as opposed to share what I truly know about this industry.

I come as a writer, who is happened to be in fashion industry. I am writing a neutral perspective, all I need to say is that I get it. I totally understand both sides (if there's even any).
There always be a negativity in this huge community; people can always try to find wrong things about it. But that's not who we are. That's not what I want to do, not in this community I love that I've become a big part of it. I want to inspire. I want my contribution to have a purpose and meaning. I want people to realize that fashion is so much more than that, so stop making people to think the other way around. Stop turning fashion as a bad influence to people. Stop becoming a community where we could end up being destructive. Stop encouraging people for doing fashion for the wrong intention. It is a label that has been there all the time; so we as a community have change that image and not instead living that way and proving them right.
I have watched documentaries about the real cost of fashion world and the truth is scary as hell. If we just stand still and not doing something about it, fashion could end up as a destructive community, and that's not what I know fashion is about.
Fashion can be good, fashion is good when you do it for a good cause. I know I want to continue living in this community, with a perfect awareness that I am actually doing something for a greater good.

Fashion is not about owning things and showing them around. I am sick of people doing it for prestige– hey, you better go somewhere else, fashion shouldn't be the place. We fashion people should not accept this shallow thinking. Don't create sides, don't turn communities against each other.

Admire the stories behind, not the labels.
Love the piece, not the price-tags.
Have the knowledge, not just the things.
Appreciate the art, not the value.

Let's turn fashion good.

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