"I love being captured but don't wanna be a model.
I love taking pictures but don't wanna be a photographer.
I love clothes and everything about it but don't wanna be a designer.

I love creative art but don't wanna be a graphic designer.
I love art but don't wanna be an artist.
I love styling but don't wanna be a stylist.
I love writing but don't wanna be a journalist.

Fashion Editor sounds perfect."

About Trendescope

"I am a fashionist." That was the thought which brought me to the purpose of opening Trendescope (formerly en la moda). I have a huge passion for fashion and I love writing about it; that's what my blog is simply all about.  I started my blog in September 2009, at first I would never expect that this blog was gonna be a fashion blog and that I would be taking my blog as a serious project. I was 15, had no idea what my passion really was. Halfway through, I started to post things related to fashion and it keeps on going and going until now.  That was the time I realized that this is really what I want to be doing in my life. I have a huge passion in fashion and that's what my blog is simply all about.

Trendescope represents everything I want to comprise. Derived from two words, trend and telescope, Trendescope tells readers of how I share my eye for trend and fashion. I'm spotting trends and stalking fashion updates. Trendescope channels my hunt for fashion with this blog as your telescope.

About The Author

- I'm a Christian.

- My name is pronounced Kris-t  \ l as e in kitt'e'n, not as in b'e't. Now you know how to say my name, yes?

- I used to work at WhatIWear.com, I was with them and the awesome team since the very first day the company was started and built. Such a great, irreplaceable first working experience ever.

- I'm the kind of person that's gonna leave a thing just because a lot of people are into it.

- I'm an idealist.

- I admire every little detail.

- My face fits any glasses and shades. They just never gone wrong.  

- I'm not naturally girly.

- I ain't a photogenic. Believe me.

- I've been a 'victim' of fashion since I was a little girl. My mom always dressed me up in fab outfits; my childhood style got me head over heels.
look at my denim playsuit! And those ruffle socks and bowie socks!
- I'm everyone's stylist, especially my mom!

- I love papers. Pretty papers. Everything about it. I just couldn't resist walking through scrapbook stores without coming in, trust me I'm really good at spending hours and hours there. Well, aside from clothing stores, obviously.

- I've always been interested in Typography.
    - Photography has become a part of my life. I'm currently using my ol' time Canon EOS 500D and my 50 mm f/1.8 II lens.  Click HERE to see my portfolio.

     - I'm really close to my mom, just can't imagine living without her. She's my fashion expert and my personal photographer. She knows every detail of my life, we're basically girlfriends!
    P.S: everyone we met thought that she was my sister!

    - I play piano. Since I was 4. Until today.

    - I'm a big animal lover; truthfully I'm a dog person. I can't stand animal abuse, it breaks my heart; I'm an animal welfare supporter.

    - If this couldn't be anymore general, I wish to travel the world!

    - Overall, I love FASHION.

    Thanks for scrolling!